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Sacrostect Services is constantly increasing and training it's in-house technical staff to maintain a leading edge in technology. Every Sacrostect Services professional has a master's or bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering or management. At Sacrostect Services , our continued dedication and commitment to serve our clients is our major asset and Sacrostect Services safeguards this principle by continuous investment in it's people. We work hard to attract, hire and retain high quality and experienced professionals who share our beliefs.

Fulfilling the needs:
  • IT/Non-IT Staffing
  • Payrolling Services
  • Back Office Services

Our staffing agency places you on assignments at different companies. When one assignment is completed, you move on to a new one.


Our staffing services provide job seekers with employment on a “trial basis.” This gives you the chance to see if the job is a good fit for your interests, skills and goals. If you are happy with the employer, and vice versa, you become a full-time employee of that company.


We match you with potential employers seeking full-time employees and arrange interviews. If hired, you become an employee of that organization immediately. For more information click on here

We provide the best suite job for you as per you skills.

Besides proving training in various technologies, we also provide placements services to all those who have completed our online training courses. We have partnered with several clients / vendors to fill their vacancies in various domains.

We have good contacts with various vendors who are scouting for suitable candidates to fill their vacancies. Since we have several students who are trained on various technologies and are well equipped in theoretical concepts and practical knowledge, it easy for us to place them in suitable opening s

Resume preparation:

Our expert team will help you in preparing the resume and will share the tips on attending the interviews and will groom you to attend the interview with confidence. Our young and dynamic team will be extending all the required help in placing you in your dream job. Our support also continues even while you’re in the job and your day-to-day functions.

An informative resume is essential for your resume to getting shortlisted for an interview call. Since employees will be receiving hundreds of applications for a single post, the resume which stands out from others will have better chances of getting picked up. Also the resume should be in such a way that just by scanning your resume; the recruiter should get an idea about your career profile, skills, knowledge and experience. The process will help him / her in ascertaining your suitability for the job and thus increasing the chances of shortlisting your profile for the interview.

Interview preparation:

Usually interviewers will be gauging your skills and knowledge in about 15-30 minutes of an interview. As such you should be prepared thoroughly to give the right answers without any hesitation, while giving answers; you should quote adequate examples and real time scenarios which you have faced in your career. This will make the answer more authenticate and you can easily impress the interviewer.

However it’s not easy to answer the questions, if you have really not worked on those concepts. Here at Sacrostect Services you will be provided with all the inputs that are required to answer the questions properly with all the real time scenarios. We also provide support related to L1 support /H1B Visa / Immigration processing.

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