SACROSTECT SERVICES’s presence since the dawn of the technology boom and its rich experience of training students over the years persistent enhancements and adapting to every new innovation has made it one among a few experts in the field today. We have identified and focused on three critical aspects of IT Training, Technical Infrastructure, Quality Courseware and Qualified trainers to equip Franchise Business partners in IT Spectrum.

Here are key reasons why SACROSTECT SERVICES is your best business partner:

  • SACROSTECT SERVICES ’s is a Pioneer in IT Training with job-specific talent development. It was started in the year 2015 and has been expanding in IT Spectrum. The good will is because of the vision SACROSTECT SERVICES carried, to remain relevant to IT industry by providing skilled man power mapped to job specific positions in IT industry in the areas of IT Infrastructure Management, Android Application Development, Web App Development, Cloud computing, Mobile computing, Big data management and more.

  • SACROSTECT SERVICES ’s outcome based education system helps a student to be a proactive technology expert, besides obtaining skills mapped to specific job roles in IT. This is a unique differentiation in the job market and projects SACROSTECT SERVICES apart from the competition.
  • All programmes at SACROSTECT SERVICES are aligned to iSMAC Technologies (IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). With the world moving more and more to digitization, programmes based on iSMAC Technologies are highly in demand by employers across the globe. So, SACROSTECT SERVICES students always have a niche over others in terms of being ‘skilled’ in what the job market requires today and in future.
  • SACROSTECT SERVICES has a core technical team which comprises global certified trainers who are highly rated. The instructors at SACROSTECT SERVICES invariably get certified by the IT principals before induction. A regular quality audit is conducted on all aspects of training including instruction. Faculty skill development is a continuous process at SACROSTECT SERVICES .
  • Students are trained in subject point of view, essential Job skills, case studies and also international certification examination point of view. SACROSTECT SERVICES prepares the students by conducting daily quiz online. Later, at the end of each module, students are assessed by Assignments and workshops, small projects relevant to the technology, followed by an SACROSTECT SERVICES online exam.

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